What is Assist?

Assist is an AI-powered reporting assistant  that integrates with your favorite marketing platforms like Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Google Analytics, and many more.

What are custom GPTs

GPTs are a feature from OpenAI that allows users to build their own AI assistants using ChatGPT in a straightforward and customizable manner.You can create your own custom GPTs on ChatGPT, connecting to our +15 marketing integrations in less than 2 minutes. Learn more about custom GPTs.

What platforms does Assist integrate with?

Assist integrates with Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Google Analytics, LinkedIn Ads, and many more. Explore the complete list here.

Can I manage multiple brand accounts?

If you're an agency, you likely manage accounts for multiple clients, such as Client 1, Client 2, etc. In such cases, you'll typically chat with each client's account separately. To switch between different client accounts, simply use the connector drop-down menu.If you need to query multiple client accounts simultaneously, whether you are seeking aggregated data or data separated by account, you can select multiple accounts per data source. Just ensure you opt for subscription plans such as Premium or Elite that allow for multiple account queries at a time.

Is my data secure? Who does Assist share my data with?

Assist processes your data on-the-fly between your marketing accounts and the AI model. We store only your chat history (in the case of chatting directly on our website) to enhance your user experience. Remember, you can delete this chat history at any time.When using the chat feature directly on our website, your data is exclusively shared with our private version of OpenAI models hosted on Microsoft Azure, ensuring that no data is shared with OpenAI directly.In the case of custom GPT models (when chatting directly on ChatGPT), we do not store any of your data. Instead, we process requests from ChatGPT in real-time. Your data is handled by OpenAI, but it's important to note that OpenAI does not use data shared via APIs for training their models. Thus, when creating a custom GPT model, be sure to uncheck the option to share data for training.

I have more questions. How can I get in touch?

We'd love to hear from you! Please feel free to contact us via contact@assist.io

How much do you charge?

At the moment we have no plans to charge. We want Assist to become a community led product much like Figma.

How fast is the waitlist going down?

We have had to implement a waitlist due to huge demand. On average we add 100 new users per week. Drop us an email if you feel you need access quicker support@assist.io